300 Words per Day


300 Words per Day

       300 Words per Day

Today is the 2nd November 2021, and here I am again, still far away from my major goals and aims in life.

I constantly set targets and goals for myself and fall short of them most of the time, but I am resolute and I am recommitting myself to achieving my goals – action goals as well as reward goals.

There are two types of goals, action goals, and reward goals.

Action goals are actions that one must do on a daily basis.  When we consistently achieve our daily action goals, we should automatically attain our reward goals. 

For example, if we regularly write our blog posts, share them on social media, and turn these blogs into eBooks, we should gain lots more exposure and thus be able to realize our goals of publishing at least 4 to 6 eBooks a year, increase our email subscribers, and increase our followers on Twitter.

I am also intent on improving my coding skills.  It is essential to remain abreast of the latest technological developments.  I commit that I will use at least 1 hour of my 24 daily hours, to upskill myself in technology, be it in the coding languages; be it via courses where I am required to use technology; etc.

I also commit to launching a sustained campaign to gain saleable sole mandates for properties to sell.

In the grander scheme of things, many times it may appear as if one will not achieve one’s goals, but a couple of weeks ago, I came across a list of goals that I have set for myself two years ago. 

It was both shocking and satisfying to see that I have achieved the majority of the goals that were on the list.  What I wasn’t happy about though was that I have still got loads of work to do for my major goals in life.

Why don’t you join me on this journey of self-mastery?

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