As I scroll down my inbox, I feel as if I am losing control because there are so many emails that I would like to read but I just don’t have the time to read them all.

I subscribe to so many emails because I really have an interest in the topics and industries, but I just feel that getting an email every day, or even once a week from them is too much.

There is a feeling in the industry that one should go deep with one’s topics, meaning that when you send an email, the email should be at least 2 pages long or longer. However, I find that when I read such long emails, I tend to skim over the email instead of reading the entire email. I guess if it was a blog post, I would not mind that it is lengthy.

I have made it my Easter resolution to clear my inbox and read as many emails as possible. But how successful I will be with this, is another story!

So my undertaking to you is that I will not overwhelm you with emails. Instead, I will keep the emails short and to the point and I will try to make my blog posts longer than my emails.

But the real reason for this email/post is that I would like to wish you well over the Easter period and I pray that you will have a wonderful and happy time!

May God bless you all!