Changing Course: re-aligning or adjusting oneself OR just wasting time?


The transformative potential of books

Changing Course: re-aligning or adjusting oneself OR just wasting time?

I often write about self-discipline, consistency and staying focused because these are the characteristic traits in me that I truly struggle with and need to enhance.

I have got a reputation of trying lots of different things, and not always seeing it through to the end.

I have always been like this.  In my youth, I played lots of different sports – but for short periods of time.

To sketch what my life was like and how I am, let me just give you a quick rundown of my life.

I went to two different primary schools and three different high schools.  I worked as a bookkeeper, a personal assistant, an insurance sales consultant, a sales admin manager, and an office manager, assistant to an editor of a magazine, a real estate consultant and a legal and business adviser.

Besides these jobs that I did, I also owned a couple of businesses, I published a trade magazine, I had 2 service stations and was partner/adviser in one or two other businesses, etc.  Currently, I run a Real Estate company, and on a smaller scale I run a Legal Consultation company.

I went back to university after more than twenty years and did my three degrees in six years and studied at 4 Universities.  This was quite an achievement.

So in hindsight, when I previously flitted between doing all those different things, it may be that I got bored, and I didn’t find the explorations challenging enough or subconsciously I felt that it was too difficult… But be that as it may, I found studying law to be extremely challenging and fulfilling at the same time.

However, one thing that I like is ‘change’, novelty and whatever comes along with that because I am an extremely inquisitive person.

I believe that “change” keeps one evergreen, expands ones horizons and “change” is a great teacher. 

As I previously told you, I went to three different high schools.  Through this I got to know the areas in Cape Town because I lived in Elsies River had to travel to Athlone as well as Salt River for my two schools.  I travelled to school by bus and train because these areas are far from Elsies River.

But I loved going to schools outside my area, because attending these different schools broadened my outlook on life and taught me that even though there are slight differences in the people in the different areas in Cape Town, intrinsically, Capetonians are mostly alike. 

For instance, Capetonians eat chicken on a Sundays; and we don’t eat fish on a Sunday; we eat left-over food on a Monday and possibly Tuesday; we love our Fish and Chips parcels; we eat fries on a Friday and we do not eat vegetables like broccoli on a Friday.  We have a different dialect to the rest of the country and we love to mix our Afrikaans with our English.

I always loved reading and reading shaped me as a person and, to a degree, reading shaped my life. 

In my teens I used to read Ayn Rand’s books; I read “Bring out the Magic in Your Mind” by Al Koran, “How to Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  Al Koran had a great deal to do with my wandering and restless spirit because he believed in change and in not doing the same thing all the time. 

This is in stark contrast with the people who teach that habits and discipline are essentials for a successful life.

I do agree that I could have been a lot more disciplined in life and that this possibly would have allowed me to be much more successful because I would not have acted so whimsically and would have focused better.

Being more disciplined and having better focus would have allowed me to access the higher powers of my mind and led me to greater heights.

I read and re-read the above books over the years, and every time I read it, I got inspiration and motivation from them.

I still love reading, but nowadays I read mostly EBooks on my phone and on my tablet.  But I just can’t get used to reading for long periods and reading long sections of books in electronic format at a time.  I find that I do my best reading with a hard paper copy of a book or article.

However, very quietly a new type of reading experience has crept into my life and I love it!

In fact, I think that whilst we were sleeping a new type of entrepreneur was also born worldwide! 

This entrepreneur is a writer and coach, they write articles/essays on their websites, on their blogs and who write on Medium and Gumroad, etc and offer coaching in their respective fields.  They send out weekly emails which are great reads!  These emails are topical, informative and keep me abreast of all the latest developments in the world.

These entrepreneurs are relatively tech savvy, they are mostly graduates, mostly male (I didn’t see that coming!), highly disciplined and send out regular Newsletters/ Podcasts.  They are constantly creating content of a high quality and make a living with selling eBooks, books, courses, etc. 

Some of these writers also allow people to read a couple of articles for free on their websites and if you want to have access to all their articles on their websites, they ask you to give a minimal contribution/support fee that allows them to keep on turning out good articles on a regular basis.  Thus basically, you help them to keep the lights on!

In my next couple of posts, I’m going to introduce them to you….

I love it!  I simply love the fact that they are working in property, Intellectual Property, which is the new real estate.

The one thing that the above new Digital Entrepreneurs have in common is that they are highly organised and disciplined.  So here’s to me “changing” and becoming more disciplined!

But I am still very much working in the real estate of bricks and mortar, so please contact me for Plots for Sale in Cape Town, Apartments for Sale in Cape Town, Houses for Sale in Cape Town and Businesses for Sale in Cape Town.

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Cheers for now.