Computer Programming and Corona Virus


So, we are in a 21 day lockdown in South Africa. And one of my goals are to learn how to code.

I know that that is quite a thing. But I basically just want to learn enough to manage my websites, to send email campaigns, etc. But wow! It is really hectic!

Computer programming is quite hectic. And I am not a very patient person and computer programming really tests your patience and resilience!

So I have started with HTML, now want to look at CSS and then Javascript. But I have WordPress sites, and that is a bit different. However, I hope that once I can get going with the building blocks of Computer Programming, I will be able to handle WordPress a little better.

And why do I want to learn coding? Because I want to practice my law from home and online. I will get an experienced coder to do the website but I must know how to do the ordinary day to day maintenance of the site.

And I believe that in about 3-5 years time each and every one of us will be required to do some basic programming. Because the robots are here, the drones are here. We are going to have to programme our robots.

I really believe that programming will be pretty much like WhatsApping – everybody does it!

So, I would like to be able to reflect and say that I learnt to code when we were in lockdown from 27 March for 21 days.

So what has this got to do with Real Estate? As a real estate professional I need to move with the times. People are working remotely. We have to learn to work behind our computers. And I believe the better I become with this, the more successful I will become as a realtor.

Here’s to your goals for South Africa Lockdown March 2020!