Don’t buy dreams – create them!


And so I decided to write every day.  To write 1000 words every day.  This is the exercise that I have decided to do every day in order to build my grit and my resilience. 

It is my goal to walk around with a notepad all of the time because I read an article about how to never have writers block again by David Perell.  David learnt about the nifty little trick from a comedian David Sedaris.  Sedaris says that he writes everything down because it helps him recall.  But Sedaris is so good, he transfers these notes to his computer ever morning which assists him greatly because these notes are searchable and permanent.

And this is where I love the writing of Perell.  He breaks it down into principles to shed some more light and to examine the issue further.

But what an obvious thing to do is to make notes of your ideas, if you are a writer or a blogger, so no more beating yourself up about “what am I going to write about next” or “what are people interested in” because life happens to us every day and every day we are blessed with many topics to write about, if we would only raise our awareness.

Kendrick Lamar also takes notes because according to him, the human mind works by association.  And once you get going, you are on a roll because good ideas, create more good ideas.  As like in everything else, it is the matter showing up, getting going.

So people who have writers block, don’t have enough “ammunition” but this is easily cured by doing the above.  You will never suffer from writer’s block again. 

Writers should really not try to start going in front of their computer.  They should come armed with their ideas and topics.  The gathering of ideas should happen away from the computer.

Never underestimate the power of small actions, like taking notes all of the time.  Just put the notepad in your pocket and become aware of it.  You first make your habits and then your habits make you.  As BJ Fogg who has studied tiny habit, says, we must forget about big change.  Instead we must start with a tiny habit.  In time, this tiny habit becomes a big force.

How many of us, start with a tiny thing like picking up our cellphones before going to bed and start scrolling through our Facebook.  Some of us do it in the morning, and hey, some of us do both!

So we also have to be careful about the tiny habits that we nurture.

One tiny habit that we should nurture is to write good emails.   One good habit to form is to have a clear subject in every email. 

I have so many bloggers who I admire greatly.  If I should write all their names down here now, it will totally make up my 1000 words for the day.  I’m only joking.

But you should really check out the work of James Clear, Vasili Shynkatrenka, Scott Young, Cal Newport, James Altutcher, Mark Manson, Chad Howse, Dan Lok, Dean Graziosi, Than Merrill, Christian Mickelsen, Josh Fonger, Carson Tate, David Perell, BJ Fogg, Tom Ferry, Stefanie Flaxman, Ramit Sethi, Brian Dean, Ravi Naval.etc.

The one thing that I have noticed is that there are not a lot of female bloggers!  Do I smell OPPORTUNITY?!!!

But one gentleman that is definitely ahead of the pack is Tom Ferry because I have already receive his 2020 Goal Setting Challenge Show. So again I am reminded that I pretty much operate like a vessel that has been put out to sea with no clear destination.  So no wonder, I have not arrived at my destination with my business yet.

What you cannot measure, you cannot achieve.

Opportunities multiply if they are seized.  They die if they are forgotten. 

Another thing that is of paramount importance once you have set yourself goals for the next year and the next 5 years, is F-O-C-U-S!

  1. Set clear goals
  2. Give immediate feedback
  3. Challenging but manageable activity

Stefanie Flaxman however says that hard work alone is not enough.  Being focused is not enough!  She says that you must “Update your FOCUS to work HARD on the RIGHT THINGS!

Those hard workers who do not see the returns in line with their hard work, may be working hard on the wrong things and may not be focusing on the things that will lead to success.

The internet age has taken us into a new world of working.  People work behind their computer, and this is not necessarily at a ‘job’. 

SELF-EMPLOYMENT is what it is all about.  Our computer has become a tool in the hand for many people, similar to a hammer in the hands of a carpenter, a globe in the hands of an electrician.

Never before have we had so much opportunity for employment and this is all thanks to the internet.  We have a giant global library in our hands.  We have universities in our homes.   So study topics that you are interested in, buy the courses, get the qualifications, support other internet-based businesses, write about your new knowledge, offer courses for sale, generate an income, keep updating your knowledge by buying more courses / certifications, keep writing about these topics, offer courses for sale and generate an income.

See how it works?

IT, Computer Programming, Salesmanship, Copywriting, etc that is what this internet age is all about.

You can write about health, you can write about wealth, you can write about taxes, you can write about houses, you can write about pets, you can write about law, you can write about hobbies, you can write about causes, you can write about courses, its all up to you!

People you are in charge!