DON’T take your foot off the accelerator! But fight for the survival of the pen and the pencil!


I have been battling, struggling, fighting, jostling, etc with myself to keep my eye on the prize.  To keep my focus!

But today, I saw that many people lose their focus.  They take their eyes off the proverbial ‘ball’.

Please, don’t do that.  Keep doing what you have been doing, but go with the flow, go with the road.  If there is a bend in the road, turn your wheel.  Don’t keep going straight because you are going to get smashed!

So many businesses are getting smashed because they don’t go with the flow, they don’t keep up with technology.  Even me, I have been battling to keep up with the latest technology, without being out of step with my industry.

The property business is like every other business, every changing, ever evolving.  A couple of years ago, everyone in Cape Town was moving to the city, and ‘loft living’ was all the craze.  This was due to many factors.  Our roads were getting congested, so commuters spent many hours in brutal traffic.  Besides causing major stress, this commuting was also a huge waste of time.  So people moved to the cities, or to suburbs that were close to the cities.

Up popped some Apps, ride hailing and ride sharing Apps.  And the city dwellers, especially felt that owning a vehicle was not worth the expense. The expenses involved in owning a vehicle besides the insurance and monthly repayment included secure parking at night as well as expensive paid parking during the day.  All these expenses added up to quite a bit, especially for a vehicle that was used for maybe an hour or two every day.

So, out the ‘window’ went the car ownership for some!  And just like that mass adoption of ride hailing Apps happened in South Africa.

And then it was so lovely and convenient to live in the city.  The food delivery Apps also got adopted just like that!

And then at the end of November 2019, Covid 19 hit China.  And this had a knock on effect.  And the world changed overnight.  By 27 March 2020 South Africa was in lockdown and everything changed in an instant!

Today 20 July 2021, we find ourselves in an adjusted Level 4 lockdown situation.  We have a new variant of Covid 19 called Delta that is wreaking havoc in our lives.  Many of us have had our first of two Pfizer vaccines and some of us, including three cousins of mine, have succumbed to Covid 19.

Now we have another variant the Lambda that has waltzed in from the cold.  This variant is more ‘light-footed’ and has been spreading rapidly in South America.

The population is suffering from lockdown fatigue, with increased tiredness, along with difficulty sleeping, anxiety, emotional distress, irritability as well as depression.

We all have to alter our routines and make a concerted effort to get outdoors safely and to exercise.  We need to get away from our screens and avoid overeating and stressing.

Most people have been negatively impacted in their business, careers and income because of Covid.  40% of small businesses have closed down or are in the process of closing down.  All the people connected to these businesses, be it the owners, workers, suppliers, maintenance people, etc have been negatively affected by these closures.

Ride hailing apps, petrol stations, restaurants, travel industry businesses, along with many other businesses have been negatively affected.  The aviation industry has been almost eliminated, along with the tourism industry.  Museums are facing closures, clothing retailers, etc are having a hard time.  Most people have relied on a handful of tracksuits, pyjamas, jackets, t-shirts and shorts to see them through their days of remote work.

People have become a lot more reliant on technology, like their smartphones, laptops, wifi, fibre, etc.

Everyone knows Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Our entertainment has become DStv, Netflix, Showmax, Amazon Prime and TV box sets have become more popular than ever.

The new adults, those who are now entering the job market think that working remotely is normal and that it is abnormal to go into your company premises to go and work there.

I am still amazed that the younger generation does not know landline telephones or newspapers. 

I think that we will have to fight for the survival of the pen and the pencil, whilst driverless cars and pilotless aircrafts are knocking on our doors!

What has however remained timeless is our need for “Safety and Security”, our need to have a safe and secure home.  So, contact me on 084 5175033 for all your houses for sale in Cape Town, Flats for sale in Cape Town, and Investment Properties for sale in Cape Town.