After, what was for many people a difficult year, I think many of us are still in the process of recovering.

I, for one, am still plotting and planning my way forward.  The world has changed so much and one has to evolve and move with the times.  Every week there is a new innovation and one has to struggle to keep up with the times.

When you have set your goals for the year, it is important that you do not become fragmented.  Keeping a laser focus is of paramount importance.  But when you move, you have to be sure that you are moving in the correct direction.

This is especially true in the property market which is forever evolving and changing.  The buyers are becoming more educated and sophisticated.  Data is at everyone’s fingertips.  We have Google qualified estate agents everywhere.

However, this is where professionalism and good salesmanship becomes so very important for your sales team.  Because ‘telling’ is not ‘selling’.

It is a given that one must remain on top of your property game and cognisant of the latest digital development and disruptions in the property profession.

There is new legislation which becomes applicable to the property sector in February 2022 which aims to level the playing field and to minimize the requirements for PDI’s to enter the predominantly white industry.

This is a positive step but there has to also be a mind-set shift with the sellers that will allow them to entrust the sale of their property to others, besides the ones who ruled the industry previously.  Because of their economic advantages and their mental aptitude, they had the vision to establish franchises all over the townships which are managed and/or owned by PDI’s but remains in the control of the white industry.

We are trying our best to catch up with the previously advantaged people, but our economic situation can be compared to playing Monopoly where a bunch of people (previously advantaged people) where given the opportunity to play 6-7 rounds and then only after they’ve bought up almost all the real estate, the rest of the people are allowed to participate.  Obviously, the second lot of people are at a complete disadvantage and catching up is a near impossibility.

But it is not all doom and gloom and not that we are saying that there is anything wrong with the white control, we are saying that the advantage that gained is unfair.

But if we, the PDI’s could only operate our lives like the Jews do, we can be so much more successful.  Jews support Jewish businesses so that the money remain within their circle.  They do not spend their money outside their circle.  This way they grow their economy and they become stronger as a collective.  They will not cheat their clients and they deliver good quality work and services all the time.  They do not allow envy to enter their relationships and the do not covet each other.  They do not have scarcity mentality and believe that there is enough resources for everyone to have more than enough.

So can we rely on a mind-set shift from our community?  Can we have unity and co-operation as a mantra and let go of competitiveness and envy?  Let this be the year where we help and support each other’s businesses.  But let us be fair with one another and deliver good service.

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