Embrace the Journey: My Real Estate Story and Life Lessons


I’ve been in the real estate business for many years. While I haven’t made millions from property sales, I’ve built a comfortable lifestyle thanks to smart property investments made in my younger years. My journey took a significant turn when I returned to university in my forties, earning three degrees in just 5½ years. I’m even planning to write a book about the experience of studying as an adult.

During my studies, I faced tremendous financial hardship, balancing full-time classes with odd part-time jobs. The mantra “Life is a journey, not a destination” guided me through those challenging times. It wasn’t just about earning degrees; it was about how the experience transformed me and changed my perspective on life.

As an adult student, you don’t sit passively in lectures. You truly hear and relate to what’s being taught because you bring a wealth of life experience with you. Unlike the carefree youngsters straight out of school, you pay for your education with your own sweat and blood, driven by a clear purpose. You’re there to become the person you’re meant to be, to let your qualifications reflect the depth of who you are.

This drive for fulfillment is why so many adults return to finish their studies. Even a well-known billionaire once expressed a desire to complete his unfinished degree. Reflecting on my life, I often marvel at how I made it through the tough times. I always tell those facing difficulties to keep going. In the midst of life’s storms, stopping and giving up means staying in the storm. But if you keep moving, you’ll walk through it.

Faith plays a crucial role here. You must believe that during tough times, God is right beside you, holding your hand. These challenges are just God’s way of refining you, preparing you for better things. God is a God of new beginnings, making all things new. To embrace the new, you must let go of the old, even if it’s familiar and seemingly certain.

I know this well. I clung to familiar things even when they weren’t in my best interest, staying in harmful situations simply because they were known. It’s amazing how we cling to the familiar, even when it’s not good for us, out of fear of the unknown. But remember, God holds all our tomorrows and only wants the best for us. This promise, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you,” has always comforted me.

God doesn’t promise a life without storms, but He does promise to be with us in the storm. Don’t fear growing pains, whether it’s outgrowing a relationship, a job, or needing to realign your steps. Hold tight to God’s hand and walk confidently into a bright new future. You’ll be glad you did. And always remember to remind God of His promises, for He never lies.

Embrace the journey with faith and courage, and you’ll live the fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of. You can contact me NOW on 084 5175033 if you are interested in investing in your future through Properties for Sale in Cape Town or if you are interested in Houses for Sale in Cape Town or Business Opportunities in Cape Town.