Eerste River  – Who wants to own this Commercial Prop for R4 mil? Only those who want easy money!

If you are turned off by a property in an affordable home area, you should be.

Nobody should aspire to own property in such an area, because property prices increase very slowly in these areas.

BUT the same does not always hold true for owning commercial property. With commercial property, you look at the income that you generate from the property because the property is a workhorse for you.

Many property investors who want to derive a good monthly income from their property, have to sacrifice the quality of the area.

Where quality of area becomes important, is if you are an investor who is not going to hold onto the property for income, but would rather want to sell the property quickly to make a profit and move on.

This is not that type of property.

This is a consistent property that will give you a stable income month after month. In fact, as this property currently stands, there are opportunities to increase the income by adding one or two other businesses to the property, if you would like to. Additionally, if you want to, you are able to go double story, etc.

It’s the little things that make this property attractive, the fact that there are only three tenants and that they have solid leases in place giving a monthly income of R36 000 and that the municipal service fees are covered by these tenants as well. The fact that this property is face-brick and requires little maintenance is also very attractive. The fact that one can easily add a carwash or a similar business on the premises to increase your income, is also a good drawcard.

For most commercial property investors getting a set income from their property, keep their minds at ease. It is important that one month-end is stable and exactly the same as the others. Because even the slightest problems with tenants can lead to immense stress for a property investor.

And when we find such an easy property such as this one, we must grasp it immediately.

You can give up on your dreams. And all the benefits of being a commercial property investor and continue doing what you’re doing. But let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have read up to this point if you wanted that.

Because it is not often that a property such as this comes on the market, so call me NOW on 084 517 5033. We have helped many people become property investors who derive income from their real estate investments. Do you want to be one of them?

Will you let this opportunity to own a Commercial prop for R2,499 mil slip through your fingers? 

Are you making plans for your retirement?

Come on now, own up. The thought hasn’t so much as crossed your mind, has it?

All along, you have blindly assumed that you will be able to support yourself when you retire. That your pension, be it work or government pension, will be enough to sustain you.

That the income that you will have upon retirement will be enough, and that not much will happen to your standard of living.

I’m sorry to say, but you were living in a fool’s paradise. But, if we may say so, short-sighted way of thinking, too.

There’s no guaranteeing that you will receive your pension when you retire (if you are a government employee), nor is there a guarantee that you will still have a functioning medical aid. (According to reports, these two benefits are under pressure and there is a chance that their survival may come under attack).

So have you ever thought what would happen if the unthinkable should happen? Could you cope? Think about your monthly expenses, think about any debts that you still have to service, think about your food and transport expenses, etc.

More importantly, you probably have a family that you need to consider. Could you ever raise the type of income that all of you need and deserve?

Paying your monthly municipal services accounts, food, medical expenses, transport and increased medical expenses, etc.

Heaven knows you’d need help. Lots of it. And like everything else nowadays, that sort of help requires you to do some financial and investment planning.

According to reports, the average working person does not actively work at their investment portfolio to assist them with their retirement expenses.

Real Estate investing has proven itself over and over to be both secure, as well as being capable of giving you an income over time. Where on earth are you going to get someone to pay for your investment (the tenants rentals) and then after some 15 -20 years, they give you a fully paid up property?

Well, you could start right now with one of these property investment opportunities that I have available.

If you do not have the full cash amount available to acquire these properties, then for a nominal investment from your side (deposit), we can arrange that you acquire one or more of these properties.

Both these properties have adequate potential income that will service the bond if you are going to have one.

If you’d like to discuss things further with me, call me NOW on 084 517 5033.

Planning for one’s retirement now already, may not sound like a necessity, but for your peace of mind, it is a necessary duty.

The property consists of 3 x 2 bedroomed flats (income R18 000), 1 x 3 bedroomed flat (R6500), 1 x Business property that has a lease (R10 000).