You have a sole and exclusive mandate in your name.

May we come and authorize the paperwork?

  • Did you know that one of Cape Town’s best Real Estate Agencies is a one-(wo)man show?  Do you know that she works from her home office?
  • Do you know that when you deal with this Real Estate Agency, you deal with the Principal directly?  What kind of service can you then expect?
  • Did you know that besides being the principal of the real Estate Agency, the Principal is also an attorney by profession?  That the sale of your property is one of the biggest business transactions that you will do in your life? 
  • That the person that you need by your side with this transaction is an attorney?  And that you get this all in one package when you deal with NIMSAY REAL ESTATE?

Dear Property Owner / Prospective Property Owner

When you have to make the huge decision to sell your home, you wonder where you will get the services of a property professional who will know what they are doing and who will look after your interests…

When you look at the Offer to Purchase and you are not sure about the full implications of this contract….

When the transfer of ownership goes through…


For two reasons.

That your house has been sold for a good price and that you used the services of NIMSAY REAL ESTATE…

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at NIMSAY REAL ESTATE we are passionate about business and forming new and profitable alliances.  I am a lawyer and I am the principal of Nimsay Real Estate. I have extensive business experience and we at Nimsay Real Estate relish new challenges and opportunities where we can assist and empower South Africans by way of property.

Property has proven itself to be a powerful driver for wealth creation.  We collaborate with law firms, advocates, conveyancers and a multitude of professionals across the various industries and contract the services of the people as and when it is required for our clients.  We believe that selling one’s property is a private matter and endeavour as far as possible to not use “For Sale” boards unless specifically requested by our clients to do so.

Our vision is to be the sales agency of choice for people who want to sell their property quickly and discretely.  Our Mission is to give each and every seller and buyer the peace of mind that they are being looked after by a property professional who has their best interest at heart.

So I would like to leave you with this little piece of wisdom:

“Do you really need to think more, or is it simply a matter of doing the work / making the decision.”

“Be impatient with actions, BUT patient with results”. – Naval