It’s Winter 2020! – 10 ways to Cut your Electricity Account Immediately!


Everyone in the world is concerned about the depletion of our energy resources. Because of this, we have to become responsible citizens and become more frugal with our energy consumption.  Electricity is something that we take for granted because almost everything we use today, requires energy.  Look at our telephones, our homes, we need electricity to cook our food and we need electricity to preserve our food.  We need electricity to learn, we need electricity to either stay warm or stay cold, and now there is a move towards electric cars, to name but a few uses of electricity. 

In fact, electricity is such an integral part of our lives that it is almost unimaginable to think of living a life without power!

It thus stands to reason that one of the major concerns in the world today is the depletion of our energy resources.  As concerned citizens of the world, all of us need to make a concerted effort to be responsible and to try our utmost to reduce our electricity consumption.

The big bonus is that by conserving electricity, you will have the personal benefit of paying lower electricity bills.

Reduce your electricity consumption by following the 10 ways below:

1.            Do an energy audit. This will tell you how and when you use energy and if, and where, the wastage lies. This will enable you to make an “energy savings plan” because you can pinpoint exactly how you can cut back on energy consumption. You will be surprised at the simplicity of the ideas, like switching the coffee machine off, when not in use, etc.

2.            Another simple thing to do is to reset the thermostat ten degrees lower during the night. It has been shown that if you can do this for about eight to ten hours a day, you can save about 10% on electricity without sacrificing any comfort.   You can also insulate your home in winter by closing the curtains so as to keep the warmth inside the house.

3.            Check all insulation in the house. You will be surprised at how much heat escapes the house.  You may even be able to reduce your consumption by approximately 20 percent if you have a house that leaks heat.

4.            Did you know that if you plant more trees around the house, these trees will cool the house in summer and insulate the house in winter?  Amazing!  Studies have shown that a green cover has many benefits.

5.            It is very important to have all electricity wires and outlets checked for leakage.  Also have the electrician check all fuses and appliances.

6.            Fluorescent light bulbs and LED lights are energy efficient. They use approximately 75% less energy than ordinary light bulbs. They also have a longer life and thus contribute to greater savings.

7.            Make it a point to use energy efficient appliances because they use less energy.  It is unbelievable, but a high efficiency refrigerator uses less electricity than a light bulb.

8.            When you are away, even for a few hours or days, always turn off and unplug all electrical appliances and turn the settings on the thermostat, the water heater, and the refrigerator to the lowest setting possible.

9.            Always use a water-saving shower head.   This amounts to quite a substantial water heating cost saving for a family.  This is besides the reduced water usage!

10.          Weatherize your home.  In other words, add insulation to your home.  This helps reduce heating bills as well as cooling bills.  This saving can be anything between 10-20%.  Even when building a home or decorating it, make use of weather-friendly materials—these are materials that are not good conductors of heat and cold.  Install windows and glass panes in the roof in such a manner that you use the natural sunlight to light up the rooms during daylight hours.  Also, make an effort to switch off lights and fans when leaving a room.   Always ensure that the filters in air conditioners and heaters are always clean and free of clog and dust.

If you live an energy-efficient lifestyle you will see the difference in your electricity bill.  You have the ability to reduce your energy costs.   It is as simple as only washing full loads of washing, and using only cold water to wash with. You should use the hot wash option only in rare instances when the clothes are very dirty.  Cook food only just before you are ready to eat so that you eliminate the need to either reheat or refrigerating the food. Remember to turn the thermostat of the refrigerator to a minimum in cold or cool weather.  Also, switch off freezers when not in use. Small contributions can all add up to significant amounts of power saved. And, power saved means money in the bank.  And it also makes you a responsible citizen of the world!