Struisbaai (Skulphoek Estate) land for R 299,000

This unique, big plot is situated in the Skulphoek Estate in Oceanview, Struisbaai 530 sqm.

Special, high potential value property at a very good price, even a smaller fraction of the cost of the other properties in this secure estate.  Yes, it is possible!

This unique, big plot is situated in the Skulphoek Estate in Oceanview, Struisbaai.

Most of the plots in this estate is about 300sqm in size and this erf has got the benefit of being located next to a beautiful pond that is currently being upgraded.

Many workers with a high monthly income – save very little of their income, for various reasons.  Some are unable to resist the lure of shiny motor cars, designer clothing, the latest gadgets, being seen at the “in” places, etc. 

And then there are others, who are able to delay their gratification and save part of their income in banks or fixed investments.

Then you have the clever bunch!  Those who save by way of investing in real estate!  These people recognise that investing in real estate can be a form of wealth creation, as well as a form of saving.  These people save a part of their income by either buying properties that require fixing up, and then selling it again.  Others buy to rent out their properties and thus creating, over time, an income from the property as well as having an asset that appreciates in value.  And still others, invest by buying a piece of land at a good price, building a property on it and then either keeping the asset or selling the property and realising a profit.

This opportunity offers you the latter option, without the safety concern of owning a holiday home, because it is located in a gated community which has just under 20 properties.  You will benefit from having neighbours who are invested in increasing the value of their properties thus they care for their homes and ensure that a high quality of life is maintained in the estate.

As a property investor, you’ll be showing that you are in control of your destiny, and that you will not land in a situation that when you retire one day, you will be dependent on the retirement benefit that the government pays.  Being dependant on social grants when you are supposed to enjoy your wonder years, is the most humiliating, frustrating situation that you can find yourself in when most things, like your income and wealth is decreasing in life.

With investing your money in a plot of land such as this, you will benefit from increasing your net worth, you can derive an income from your home and you can always sell it and make a profit, should the need ever arise.  And of course, you will have a getaway from the rush of city life where you can relax with a lovely cocktail while you appreciate the stunning sunset!   Listen to the waves rushing to the shores in the mornings and evenings, and be at peace that you have made a great financial decision by investing in this property in this sleepy coastal town because you will immediately be profitable with this acquisition because houses in this area go for a premium.

Everything points to this being a great decision for you to make, so hurry and call me now on 084 5175033 so that we can make this property yours!