What emotions do new beginnings conjure up for you?

What would you like to do like your new beginnings?

Well, today (19 February 2018) I started on my 5-day course of creating 3 new habits, doing the things that you would like and need to do on a more consistent basis.

This course is called “tiny habits”, and basically the objective of this course is to allow us to anchor or tie our new activity (which will shortly become a habit) to something that we already do on a consistent basis. Habits that we consistently do are brush our teeth, wash our face in the morning, make our coffee, use the toilet, etc.

This is a wonderful course by Dr BJ Fogg who has been intricately involved in this research.

Well, yesterday, I failed miserably because I did not appreciate the fact that it is supposed to be a “tiny” habit.

My new habit was a little too big for me, so I adjusted it. Yes! You can make adjustments, which is what makes this course so fabulous. Isn’t this one of the reasons why we fail so miserably at cultivating new habits? We try to go too big, too soon.

But the beauty of this course is that because these habits are so tiny, they do not hurt that much.

For instance, I copied Dr BJ Fogg’s tiny habit of doing two press-ups after I’ve had a pee. I never realized that I pee so much. My stomach muscles are hurting! I must have done about 14 press-ups yesterday. And today I have been in that toilet on numerous occasions because I went to the gym and mistook myself for Atlas and drank a dam of water! Dam(n) that water, lol! So right now, I am sitting on about eight press-ups already. And, might I add, these press-ups are not the most technically correct either! But I’ve decided to leave the technicalities until I have developed stronger abs, lol!

What the whole exercise involves, is that it teaches you to eat an elephant one tiny bite at a time.

I know that it sounds easy, but we must remember to keep eating the elephant. And how do we remember? By anchoring this eating to something that you already do on a regular basis.

I dare you to start creating the new you. I know that it is already past the middle of February, but it is never too late to become the best you that you can possibly be.

The same goes for property investments in Cape Town. We have to put our stake in the ground. We have to take that first step. We have to start surfing the internet and look at what plots, flats and houses are on the market. We have to research the trends and look at the prices. We have to sharpen our axe. We cannot just start chopping the tree and half-way through it, we give up. We have to measure the thickness of the tree. We have to establish what type of tools we require to chop down this tree.

So we have to check what property we can afford to buy, if any, at the moment. We have to calculate what we need to do in order to purchase this property. We have to calculate, whether we need to save first and if so, how much we need to save and for how long we need to save.

People have to realize that acquiring your first property in Cape Town, can pretty much be compared to eating an elephant. So, start your tiny habit now.

Save your R1 000 or R2 000 per month.

Check how much you qualify to buy for, check the legal costs involved, check your installments, check what properties are for sale in Cape Town.

Check the land for sale in Cape Town, flats for sale in Cape Town, houses for sale in Cape Town.

These must become your tiny habits!

Call me NOW on 084 5175033 so that I can help you with your tiny habits of property for sale in Cape Town.

Until next time.

Let me run to do my tiny habits for the day!

Yvonne Braaf

084 517 5033