Why do so many people fail in life? (although one has to define ‘failure’)

Let me rephrase, ‘why is it that so many people fail to achieve their goals in life?’

The answer to that question is that most people don’t achieve their goals because they fail to plan their lives effectively.

Yes, their lack of planning results in them not achieving their goals in life.

o effectively, they plan to fail…

But, how do you plan to fail in life?

Simple. You plan to fail in life by not planning your life. Simply put, if you do not plan your life, you plan to fail.

This is such a paradox!

But in hindsight, I can now see exactly how I planned to fail at so many things in my life.

I wanted to do certain things and I wanted to achieve certain things, but never committed to it.

Why do I say that I never committed to it if I wanted it?

I can say that I never committed to it because I did not create a (written) sustainable plan to work at what I wanted to achieve. (This is like mathematics, I have to write down the figures before I can calculate it).

My planning was non-existent and haphazard at best. I did not put enough thought and planning into these projects. In fact, I just did not know how to plot and plan these projects.

I have found this article, The Art of the Finish of Scott Young so very informative and helpful because I would like to incorporate this into my life.

I have just recently discovered Cal Newport, and I can say that much of his success can be directly ascribed to his excellent planning.

But if you look at people and you track their progress in life, their planning or lack of planning becomes evident when you look at their achievements or lack of achievements. Hard work trumps talent every time!

There are two types of planning, short-term planning, and long-term planning also commonly knows as one’s goals.

When you plan your short-term activities and you achieve it, chances are that you would have also achieved your long-term goals at the same time. It can be compared to planning on going to gym three days a week for a workout and doing it. The resultant long-term goal of having a healthier body will be the result of achieving your short-term goals.

Thus, in order to be successful and not to become overwhelmed by the enormity of an assignment, eg selling 3 houses per week, it will be easier to rather plan on prospecting. Plan to prospect for 2 hours per day and making at least 6 appointments for the week during that time. If you succeed in doing this, the chances are that you will achieve your longer-term goal of selling 3 houses per week.

If you break down a project to its smallest size, the successful completion of the project seems to be more achievable.

Therefore, everything is in the planning.

For sure, you can be successful without planning for a year, two or even three. But without proper planning, your success cannot be sustainable because you will be constantly running short sprints and not a marathon.

When you work in short sprints your life will fluctuate because some days you will work for 14 hours and on other days you will work for 1 or 2 hours.

This is not an advisable way in which to operate and as mentioned before, it is not sustainable.

So here is to effective planning!

But I fell on my chin today, Tuesday 5 June 2018. Because no matter how well you plan, you need to execute. Without execution you have nothing!

That is what I had this morning when I woke up at 9 am instead of 5 am. I lost four hours of work.

Well, this new way of planning forces one to take responsibility for one’s life, and, in effect, of one’s success in life.

It hurt this morning when I got up late.

I could clearly see the things that I was unable to do today because I woke up late. The reason why I could see it is that I had a schedule that I could refer to.

I could see the hours that I lost and I salvaged what I could, by rearranging my schedule and slotting in the things that I simply HAD TO DO, and eliminating the things that I could forfeit for today.

But I am not fooling myself because I still lost the time and the work that I had to do at that time.

But It is great that I am able to see my losses and that I can be held accountable for my actions.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I still have to pay for my actions this morning because tomorrow I have to slot in the gym session that I missed out on today.

But if I did not plan my days as I do now, I would have lost that entire 5 hours of work and would have been none the wiser of the loss that I had suffered.

So, the moral of the story is plan your investment life in the Cape Town property market. Hold yourself accountable for your losses. And how do you do this? By planning your property investment life. Set a time limit for yourself. Tell yourself that by 1 June 2019, you want to own a flat or a house in whatever area and that you will be worth a certain amount of money because of this property investment.

And remember property investment in Cape Town is a continuous process.

Come on, you can do it. Call me NOW on 084 5175033 for flats for sale in Cape Town, houses for sale in Cape Town and land for sale in Cape Town.

Let me be your guide in the Cape Town Property Market.


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