Reading really enriches one’s life! Now, just to find the time!


This is a short blog, because as usual, I have not dedicated enough time to
think about what I must write.

Therefore, I am going to write what I want, and not what I must. I believe
that life is too short to live in a box. The fact that I am a real estate and
legal services professional, hardly means that my interests are restricted to
that. In fact, my one great desire is to become a SUPER SUCCESSFUL HONEST professional poker player!

I know that I have romanticized this career, is it even a career!, but it
sounds so fabulous to be able to go from casino to casino doing what you love!
Playing poker! So I have read some interesting books about poker players, and it all started with “The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar” by Roald
Dahl. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to live a life like that! Where money and a 9-5pm job is not the beginning and the end of your life!

But we have been given so much more with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the digital revolution. This has created a blurring of boundaries between physical, digital and biological. As someone who studied International Business Taxation, I can say that the digital revolution has disrupted the way we do business and this has had a huge impact on the Fiscal Revenue of all the countries in the world. This has resulted in huge corporations getting away with paying little or no taxes, which has led many governments in the world struggling to meet their financial commitments to their citizens.  This has resulted in lots of first world countries with aging communities, battling to sustain their welfare system.

We have reached a watershed moment as we cannot continue in this manner.  The way we do things in the world has to change, including international business taxation, because the shape and mechanics of the world have changed.

We are now at the cusp of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, the Internet of
Things (IoT), 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing and so much more. 

The pandemic has also propelled change to a great degree. And as always,
along with change, there are plenty of opportunities. People are leaving the
boardrooms and remote working is the new normal. Homeschooling has become the new way of schooling. Manufacturing locally to meet its own needs is the buzzword for countries. Growing your own food and strengthen primary healthcare have become subjects of great importance. Reassessing how we work and what we value has become of paramount importance. Illicit profits and the fighting of financial crime has become the fight of this age as financial institutions have to balance their moral obligations versus their profits. With lockdowns happening all over the world, basic housing for everyone has become a focal point for many governments as never before was the sad face of homelessness so
clear as during lockdown. Our homeless people were sometimes subjected to conditions that we won’t put our pets in. We have all had to up our game on the technology front as virtual meetings became the order of the day. Suddenly the opulent buildings that housed the big financial institutions and multinationals were becoming superfluous. Ride-hailing apps showed that our cars may not be the necessity that we thought that it was. We will also drive less, need less car insurance, use our roads less resulting in less wear and tear on the roads and the environment, etc. Data protection has never been as important as now since all our data is lying about on the internet. We have to embrace disruptive innovations because they have arrived. Hell, as they say, the robots are here! We are just not seeing them yet. AI is doing our work. AI is doing a better job than many humans. We must ensure child safety online as this is their new playground. We have to have leaders who embrace and support innovation, creativity, and science. And lastly, we need to hold our leaders accountable for the manner and direction in which they steer our countries and the world as a whole.

So right now, I am going to settle down and attempt to read “Life after
Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain”. Wow, we are
living in interesting times! I wonder what’s next, don’t you? Or rather, will
we recognize it when it is here?

And yes, I still would like to become a professional poker player. But I
will probably have to settle for playing online, so no fancy casinos for me