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In the old days, our challenge was accessing information. These days, our challenge is curating it. To make sense of our world, for ourselves and our businesses, we must wade through a mass of material flowing at us every day – selecting what’s relevant and discarding what’s not. Trouble is, most of us don’t have any method to do this.  Fortunately, our newsletter has been created to provide succinct information relevant to the needs of businesses and is distributed to over 100 000 businesses and institutions across the entire South Africa. 

After spending many years interacting and working with small business owners and marketing in our business, we know what the major challenges for SMEs are.  Most so-called experts create reports with little or no experience in the real world.  We strive to let our strategies go to the next level.  We know that you live and breathe every aspect of your business, and you have amazing ability to translate your depth of knowledge into creating a successful business, but just sometimes, you need a little help and inspiration.  We just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you that we care with this newsletter, because everyone needs a continuing source of inspiration, and new ideas, and we would like to be one of the best sources for you.  We hope that our ideas, techniques and strategies that you glean from us, will truly help you in the re-design and approach to your business.  We hope that this will give you greater focus and result in sales increase for your business.

On a scale of 1 -10, with 1 being “not the least bit” and 10 meaning “totally going to”, how likely is it that you will read this entire email as well as the free downloadable e-book?  And why isn’t your number lower?

This Exclusive Newsletter Is Only Intended To Provide Information For Small Business Owners Who Want To Succeed And Grow Their Business!

After ‘hanging out with those people for over 10 years, I have figured out –

Why Successful Small Business Owners Focus On Mastering The Following Issues In Their Business And How You Can Join Them?

For those business owners that want to earn as much money in the shortest period of time, you have to master the following four things.  Controlling these things, above all else, gets you to the profits quicker than the average business owner.  I mean, average business owners get average results, don’t they?

What Are The Four Challenges That Successful Small Business Owners Must Overcome?


You know how it goes.  Many times, you have a profitable period and your turnover is good and your business seem to be doing well. 

But then you either fail to budget or you don’t stick to your budget because of the sudden increase of cash-flow that you have. 

You maybe overspend.  Or later you find out that you did not budget for an unexpected expenses.

You absolutely have to learn how to handle your money once cash flow comes in.

It is imperative to have an accountant overseeing this part of your business so that you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Time Management

You want to also make sure that you do everything to plan and manage your time effectively.

If you don’t plan your time, you will not be able to run an efficient business.  Loads of businesses are deadline driven, so it is important that you devise a schedule that is both sustainable and adjustable to suit the business at all times.

This will eliminate any unnecessary stress and your business will appear efficient and competent and it will be a pleasure for people to do business with you.

If you take the time to fit everything into your planning, you will have less challenges and bigger successes.

Planning and Research

The Faster, Less Stressful Management Way That Leads to Business Success Wealth…

So, let’s get down to it.  Let’s talk about the one thing that can stand between you and business success.   Successful planning and Proper research, will lead to guaranteed success of your business. 

You see, before you start off any business venture, you need to have done research on everything related to the market you are focusing on.  This includes competitor research, market research, current trends, setting your goals and proposed advertising and marketing.

And then you have to put all this together in a plan that you need to execute.

Remember that you also have to plan for travel, vacations, family, friends, etc.

One has to spend quality time finding the right and efficient way to do your business in order for it to be both profitable as well as sustainable.  

Remember that your plan must be logical and easy to follow.

Admittedly, one is not tied down to the business, but the more you automate and delegate, the easier it will be to run your business.

Increase their Client Base

So, What Is The Real Story With Business And Why Is A Client Base Such A Big Deal?

The fact that the business owner has done his budgeting, his research, his planning and time planning, etc. will amount to nothing without a good client base.

People will only use your services or products if they know about it.  You need to let people know about your services and products.

You do this by advertising your business.  You can either do it by print media, social media, if you have great foot traffic, you can put a notice outside your shop, you can do an email campaign, radio advertising campaign, and various other ways.  It is no wonder that Coke uses 50% of their revenue on advertising.

And remember, if people are not using your services or products, they are probably using the services of your competitor, so you will have to outdo your competitors with excellent client services! 

If you provide top quality service, you can only win because when people like something, they talk about it.  They will tell their family and friends, and this word-of-mouth advertising is worth gold.

Quality builds sustainability.

It all boils down to trial and error, planning, adapting your plans as you go along and reading the market properly.  But you have to keep at it, you must preserve and some days it will be harder than others.

Plan and plan, and pay attention to detail and always give your best efforts.

A business owner that I have a lot of respect for told me that being a business owner is not for the faint hearted.  You must have a high threshold for stress and when things look at their darkest, then it normally is the turn of the tide.

Top Challenges for Small Businesses in South Africa

SA Government promises to create an enabling environment for the development and growth of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) but is all this just lip service? 

This is a valid question in view of the fact that small businesses face a myriad of challenges, from lack of access to finance to a complex and outright difficult regulatory environment as well as a prohibitive set of labor legislation.

Information from the World Bank indicates that SMEs play a very important part in emerging economies because SMEs contribute up to 60% of total employment and 40% of National Income (GDP).

This is huge but there is another slant in South Africa, because we have both a formal as well as an informal small business sector in South Africa.  According to a 2016 report by Bureau for Economic Research (BER) the formal sector is normally white-owned, situated in Gauteng and Western Cape and capable of obtaining higher income.  But according to the report, most small businesses are “black owned and operate in the informal sector”, especially in the rural provinces.

According to the World Bank South Africa’s regulatory environment does not foster starting and operating an SME.   This is not through lack of trying by government, but they are not getting it right most of the time.  On the positive side, government requires that 30% of government contracts be set aside for small and black-, women- or youth-owned enterprises.

Access to finance is still the biggest challenge faced by SMEs.  Cashflow is also another challenge as most SMEs do not have the luxury of a nest egg that can assist them when there are operational and financial problems in the business.  In fact, in South Africa, many small businesses are started because the owner was unemployed and needed to generate an income.  This entrepreneur is essentially creating a “job” for him/herself as opposed to starting a business.

The labour challenges and labour costs in South Africa is another challenge.  Our laws make it extremely difficult for owners to terminate employment contracts due to non-performance, unproductivity, etc. of staff.

Is South Africa’s prohibitive labour laws inadvertently contributing towards the growth of unemployment in the country?

Our country has to create jobs for the many unskilled workers in the country.  Only 43% of adult South Africans can be considered as the ‘official working force’, whereas in the majority of other countries this figure stands at 60%. One of the challenges are the high minimum wage in conjunction with the extensive legislative protection from dismissal.

Our big “unskilled” labour pool, our prohibitive “labour laws”, coupled with our robust “labour unions”, make South Africa’s labour market a very difficult place to meander.

But what we choose to place our trust in, determines the outcome of our lives.

For most of us, our limitations are not real, they are imagined.  We are born with loads of privilege because we have the time to build a better life, we have the mental capacity to be resourceful, we are entrepreneurs and business owners!

Because if you think about the things that stressed you last week, or the week before, the clients you lost, the drop in revenue, etc.  These events are real, but the limitations that you create from them are illusions because none of these obstacles put you in a permanent position.

Because you can make more money, you can find another client, your personal life can improve.

Even though we are victims of inevitable events and circumstances, keep in mind that these limitations are just temporary, they are not fact. 

Remember you are the architect of your own reality, because the mind is a place of its own, it can make heaven from hell and hell from heaven.

And we are entrepreneurs, business owners and above all, we are overcomers!

Would You Like To Know How Keyman Insurance Can Help You Protect The Life Of Your Business?

It is surprising, that whilst most people are familiar with how the life insurance policy of a family’s breadwinner helps out in the event of the breadwinner’s untimely death, few business owners are aware that keyman insurance, plays pretty much the same role for a business.  The question a business owner needs to ask is whether a business will be able to overcome financial / business disruptions if any of your key employees die or cannot work due to illness or an injury?

The aim of keyman insurance is to help a business recover/survive in the event of loss of its valuable assets, namely the persons who manage or/and own the business.

Individual talents, especially in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is becoming more and more critical to the success of the company.  Every business has at least one or a few employees whose skill, expertise and/or knowledge is vital to the running and growth of the company.  It thus would come as no surprise that the untimely death of such an employee/s would have a severe and negative impact on the business.

This is where keyman insurance will come to the rescue of the business.  Both the proposer as well as the premium payer is the employer.

The life insured is the “key employee” and in the case of the death or disability of this key employee (if you have both death and disability insurance), the benefit of the claim / lump sum is paid to the business / employer.  Keyman is not gender exclusive and this type of insurance can also be used to insure the partners in a partnership.

If a keyman should leave a company please be sure to discuss this situation with your financial advisor prior to the event so that the necessary changes can be made.

Both life cover and disability cover start at R100 000.  You can buy up to R6 mil for your key employee’s entire life (whole life) or R30 mil for a specific period (term cover).   However, there will be checks to see whether this cover matches the value of the financial contributions made by these key employees to the business.

The policy premiums paid by the company are treated as an expense and is tax deductable.  However, proceeds of a keyman insurance policy are fully taxable in the hands of the company.

To discuss the additional benefits of Keyman insurance and how to ensure that you are not left in a precarious position in the event of the loss of one of your valuable employees, please contact:

Eric StockenstromProfessional Financial AdvisorT: 021 200 0432F: 086 650 4389M: 071 677 3501E: 

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Thinking Of Selling Your Business?

Experienced business owners don’t bother with starting a new company, they just buy a small business from a retiring entrepreneur.  Therefore it would be ideal if you would advertise the sale of your business via this newsletter as this newsletter is sent to well over 50 000 small business owners right across South Africa.  They recognise that in doing this, they acquire someone else’s life work, someone who knows the pitfalls and someone who has done the trouble-shooting already!  The turnover is already under way and all you have to do is fine tune and keep in mind that you don’t need to change a winning formula.

So if you want a smooth and quick exit strategy, this is the place where you will most probably get the best results because we speak your language, but we can’t give you advice that is specific to your situation only.

Advertise with us and let us help you to gain exposure for your business!  Because, with a new business or after years in your business, you may struggle to come up with new promotions and events to bring customers back or to create new customers on a consistent basis. 

We hope that advertising in this Newsletter will be a real “shot in the arm” for your business and will renew the enthusiasm in your business.  Who knows, this newsletter could be the information source that you have been waiting for!

Remember to be impatient with actions, But patient with results!

I know that this is not a short email today, but it is important.

So, I have a simple request for you.

Read the article.  Then leave a comment and share your biggest insight.



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