Things that I FAILED at and SUCCEEDED at during the LOCKDOWN 2020 period


Corona Virus has changed life as we know it in the blink of an eye.

I went on holiday to Australia at the beginning of the year and upon my return things were different.

I’m not sure whether we should have allowed these changes that our governments imposed on us and whether we should have allowed our governments to run our countries’ economies into the ground the way they did on mere speculation.

We as good citizens, trusted the people who we mandated to run the countries on our behalf and I somehow feel that they have betrayed us.

They played on our vulnerabilities and fears in order to profit and control us.  They were tasked by us to protect us and to act in our best interest but they failed us.

Our businesses have been run into the ground.  Business doors are closed, nobody is outside, nobody’s making money.

Our government has banned alcohol and cigarette sales.  In their place a giant black market for these goods have been established and suppliers of these now “illegal” products are making a fortune.

But at whose expense?

Is this right?

Tenants cannot afford to pay their rent, homeowners cannot afford to pay their bonds, people with car loans and other types of loans cannot afford to service these loans if they’ve been unable to work.

All in all, the world is a mess right now.

And why?  Because we are afraid of the Corona Virus that has such a low infection and death rate.

Why have our governments responded with such severe measure to a virus that is not half as lethal as we were made to believe in the beginning? 

Who is benefiting by these measures? How are they benefiting? Is it worth it?

The one positive thing about the lockdown during the Corona Virus pandemic is that we are housebound and have lots of time on hand.  Time we can use constructively or time that we can waste.

Well of course, me, being who I am, had lots of plans and ideas fo what to do during this lockdown period.

One thing about me is that I start with new ideas and ventures often, and I have a diverse interest span. 

However, I do not have a long interest span.

What is the difference between attention span and interest span?  In her article Anne quotes author Robert McKee who says that there is nothing wrong with people’s attention spans nowadays.  He says that we pay attention to what we can, otherwise how can we explain our addiction to the series epidemic on Netflix, etc. 

He says that we should not put the blame our attention span for our boredom but rather our interest span.  Because we do not lose focus on things that are interesting or things that we care about.  The thing that is most like to hook us is empathy!

He ends by saying that we should not complain that people can’t pay attention to our stuff anymore, but that we should rather focus on creating more stuff that makes people WANT to pay attention to.

However, I do admit that I have a battle with Yvonne almost every day because her one terrible shortcoming is that she has a rather pronounced lack of perseverance!!!!!

Yes, even during this time, I this bad quality of mine has shone brightly!

I started with a “lockdown menu” blog, a “lockdown diary” and “morning pages” regime, which all fell along the wayside, in the second or third week.

It cannot just be that these things were not interesting. 

In fact, I started it because it was so interesting! 

I read about this habit on the Chris Winfield blog.  I wanted to give it a try because the morning pages brought such a great tool into his life.

Julia Cameron who is the author of The Artist’s Way, conceptualised The Morning Pages. 

I found an article about morning pages on Eva Smitt’s website .    You need to read and maybe implement the Morning Pages and see how they contribute to your life.

But what did I do during lockdown that I am still following through on? 

I started an exercise regime.  I do exercises  3-4 times a week.

I also downloaded some very cool courses which I want to do.  I believe that these courses will add great value to me as a person and I believe it can also enhance my work life. 

I have also learnt that what you put into your body is of paramount importance and I have become quite selective about eating healthy food, save for the times when I am so hungry and my resistance crumbles!!! (This is quite often, lol).  Take-aways and eat-outs have really become unfashionable in our home during this time. 

I have downloaded a library full of bestseller books which should keep me busy for a couple of months.  It is so fabulous to have a library at my fingertips!

I work in the property industry in South Africa.  We have not been able to work for the past couple of weeks and frankly, the investment and property market has become quite unstable and uncertain. 

Something that was unheard of also happened for the first time ever!  The price of oil was negative.  Yes, the price of oil was negative.  You were paid to purchase oil because there was no storage for oil.

The world was in lockdown, nobody was driving their vehicles, industry was not consuming oil, but the oil producers were still producing the same amount of oil, leading to an over-supply of oil.

Buying a property is a long-term matter.  It is something that you do when you are stable and have certainty in your life. 

Property is also an investment, but right now there is such uncertainty about any type of investment. 

We are waiting with bated breath for the President to address us again because the voice of dissension of his citizens are becoming louder and louder and louder.  I just hope that our President’s hearing is good.

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