TODAY IS… you fill in the blocks


Covid 19 has turned everybody and everything on its head.

Many people planned their lives, their livelihoods and their retirement.  And out of the blue, things changed. 

In an instant fortunes were wiped out.  Good solid small business went belly-up within a matter of months due to the Covid lockdowns.

Solid property investments turned into nightmares overnight.  Great tenants turned into non-paying tenants.  Sought after properties became unlettable.  Commercial properties became eerily vacant.

But we have to pick up the pieces, make our adjustments and change our plans for tomorrow.

So we need to change and …

Today can be anything and everything you need it to be.

Today can be the ending of something.  And today can be the beginning of something brand new.

You choose exactly how today is going to be remembered, if it is going to be remembered.

Many people in the world struggle with controlling their inner beast.  Those who don’t control their inner beast are people who self-indulgent and lack self-discipline. 

This leads to uneasiness and frustration with oneself.  This frustration is always bubbling under the surface.  And then somedays this bubbling overflows when someone says something to them or does something.  This bubbling under the surface turns into an explosion.  Sometimes it takes but a little thing to set off this explosion.  It is the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”.  Some people have many such ‘overflowing’ days. 

But if we retrace our steps, then we can see that the problem is actually a problem with you have with yourself that has caused this explosion with somebody else.  You are frustrated with yourself because you can’t seem to control yourself or tame your moods.  You make promises to yourself and you don’t keep these promises.  Thus you become unreliable and you cannot be trusted.

Keeping promises to yourself is even more important than keeping promises to other people.

Let’s reflect on our life at school or college.  When we had assignments to do or when we had to study for exams.  What were you like?  Where you one of those people who kept postponing it to the last moment?  Or where you one of those who prepared early, worked consistently at it and then just did revision the day and night before.

I can tell you that discipline starts early in life.  And discipline is something that can either serve you as a good servant or become an unrelenting master.

Lack of discipline has led to the demise of many great people.  Lack of discipline has prevented many people from becoming as great as they could have been.

But I am a believer that it is never too late for anybody to become great! It is never too late for anyone to reach their full potential.

Look at me.  I returned to university when I was 44 and by the time I was 50, I had attained my BCom Law, LLB and my LLB.  Yes, I attained all this in 6 years.  And how did I do it?  By eating the elephant one bite at a time.  I went back to university to finish what I started.  I went back to university to finish my Bachelor’s degree.  I did not return to do a Masters.  When I finished my Bachelor’s I felt that I needed to do my LLB in order to complete my field of study.  Then I received a scholarship to do my Masters overseas and I accepted the offer.

By the time I started with my Masters I had great momentum and learning and studying had become automatic.

That is what life is all about.  You must just get started.  Get up the first morning, and do what you have set out to do.  You don’t have to do the task at hand perfectly, you just need to do it.  Then you show up the next day, and the next and the next.  Keep on showing up.  You will gain momentum and this momentum will keep you going.

Yes sure, there will be days when the task at hand might be difficult and you may be tempted to give up.  But don’t do that.  Just push a little harder.  And then a little harder.  Even if it means that you have to repeat the project / assignment a couple of times, do it.  Because once you have finished that project and assignment you will have more things to achieve.  Use your momentum to keep you going.

If you let that project or assignment defeat you, you will stop and then it will require a lot more energy for you to gain momentum and to achieve that momentum that you had prior to stopping.

I know that along the journey there will be many obstacles.  Many very valid reasons and opportunities for you to stop and get off the wagon.  But don’t.  It is so much harder to start again.

I had a 27 year interval between stopping school and returning to university.

Believe me, it was not easy going back to studying full-time.

It was hard to be in class with students who were babies compared to me.  It was not easy to get my brain fired up again.  I still remember studying for my first class test.  I was so unsure of myself.  I didn’t think that I will be able to remember what I have studied.  I was a nervous wreck.

I have a very unorthodox way of studying.  It was always like that.  I just need to write the text over onto another sheet of paper, actually it is more like “scribble” the text on another sheet of paper, and then I will remember the text.  But I need to do the studies by using the “Pomodoro” method.  Due to my lack of self-discipline, I always try to tell myself in advance that I want to work until a certain time and I try to stick to it.

Now with the Pomodoro technique, you break your work into 25 minute chunks.  You work for 25 minutes and then you take a 5 minute break.  I must admit I take about 10 minutes and then I must push myself to get back.  However, if you find your brain is a bit tired, take a slightly longer break.  After 4 sessions of 25 minutes each, you can take a 15-20 minutes break.  If you are like me, be vigilant and don’t get pulled into doing something else.  You must be heartless with your persistence.  Postpone everything until you are done with your time block that you have allocated.

The one thing that I did as soon as I received my course outline is, I diarised all my classes, my assignment due dates, my test dates as well as my exam dates, if we had it to so early.

Once I qualified to write the exams, because at university level you have to qualify in order to be eligible to write the exam, I work out a study timetable.  I check the exam dates of all my modules, and then I calculate how much time I have available to study for each subject.  Once I know that then I calculate how much time I have available for each subject.  From there, I calculate how much time I have for each chapter of every subject.  This makes it so easy because I can look at my calendar and see that on the 20 July 2021, I have to study chapter 4 of Law of Evidence, chapter 3 of Law of Contract, etc.  I would normally work it in such a manner that for two days prior to the exam, I would be able to focus on that subject only because it has been set out like that in my time-table.  Unless we write more than one subject per day or we write two or three subjects two or three days in a row.  Believe me, this happens.  I knew it was imperative that I had to adhere to this timetable if I were to be successful with my exams.  Every hour is accounted for during the exam time.  I calculate the hours that I must sleep as well because I am someone who has to sleep after I have studied.  I calling sleeping my “save mode”.  I believe that if I have studied and I sleep, the work that I have studied gets cemented in my brain.  I have always studied like this.  Firstly, I write or scribble (it doesn’t need to be legible) all the work over from my notes to my study pad and once I am done, I go and sleep immediately.

I have found that when I write something over, I reach a deeper level of understanding.  Even in my business life, if I have a problem and I am searching for a solution, I write it down.  It is the act of writing things down that leads to a deeper understanding of the problem for me.

So Today has been a day for me where I return to my computer, my blog and my studies.  I have enrolled in an online course which I left hanging for a couple of months.

I am now sitting with my “Timetable” to work out how much time I need to dedicate to each project in order to make it successful. 

It is Covid 19, lockdown level 4 for us and I am determined to use this time optimally.  I would like to come out of this Covid 19 Pandemic as an improved business person with additional qualifications that I can use for my business.

And what has all this got to do with property?  Nothing and everything.

I am a firm believer that everyone needs to own their own piece of land/property to call their own, where they can put down their roots and where they can be secure.

So call me or email me for your Property for Sale in Cape Town and Property for Sale in Southern Suburbs and Property for Sale in Northern Suburbs.