I am not going to try and answer the above
question like a financial planner or an economist.  But I will endeavour to answer it like a person
who has lived life, made lots of decisions, some good, some bad and who is
still struggling to come out on the other side successfully.

But then again, you can say that I must define
what ‘successful’ is because success is relative.  In life we get to decide what is important to
us and what we can let slide.  But
sometimes we also let the important things slide in our lives.  Important things like our health, our
fitness, our careers, our relationships with friends and family and our
financial well-being, to name but a few.

But as we progress in life, we realise the folly
and wisdom of our ways.

The folly of our ways, oftentimes result in
regrets.  You either regret the things
that you did, the things that you didn’t do and the incorrect decisions that
you have made.  But regret is a useless

The wisdom of your ways, normally result in
happiness.  You are glad that you did
what you did.  You glad that you
abstained from the things that you have abstained from.

They say that hindsight is an exact
science.  So when you reflect on your
life you can see, sometimes clearly and sometimes not so clearly, where you
have missed the plot and where you were spot on.

When you have a sales career, you normally pay
for your work-mistakes relatively quickly. 
For instance, if you did not work this week, next week or the week
thereafter you will probably struggle to make your sales targets, because you
did not do the work two weeks before.  In
sales, you have to prospect now for sales to happen in the future.

Conversely, if you have worked hard this week,
you will reap the rewards thereof relatively quickly if you are in sales.

Life works pretty much the same way.  But you do not always see the results of your
actions so quickly.  In fact, you do see
the results, but you may not recognise it as being the ‘result’ of your

Let me explain; if you did not buy a house when
you were in your twenties, and you are now in your thirties, the rental that
you are now paying would be quite a bit more than what it was ten years
ago.  However, if you bought your own house
when you were in your twenties, ten years later, your bond repayments would be
exactly the same, save for the interest rate fluctuations.

So in effect the resultant higher rental that
you are paying now, is as a result of your actions that you took ten years ago,
or in fact it is a result of you not taking the action of buying your own
house.  Remember, not doing anything is
also doing something.  It is omitting to
do what you should have done.

So there is always a cause an effect in
life.  An action and a corresponding

But normally in life, the action and the
reaction is a bit further removed from one another.

But no matter how far they are removed from
each other, you cannot get away from the result. 

You will eventually reap what you sow.

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